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Renita Dyal, MHC-LP

Therapist in NYC

Clinical Outreach Coordinator

Renita Dyal, NCC, MHC-LP, is a mental health counselor with experience in providing individual and couples psychotherapy. Drawing from various evidenced based models, she works with clients across the lifespan. Renita has specific expertise in the use of person-centered therapy, motivational interviewing and cognitive behavioral therapy. She works with her clients to create a customized approach to improve their symptoms and overall quality of life. Her areas of interest include individuals with depression, grief, trauma and anxiety. Renita works diligently to create a warm empathetic environment, where clients can speak freely and without judgement. Above all, she recognizes that therapy can be both a rewarding and overwhelming experience, and a strong therapist/patient relationship provides a foundation for true psychological evolution and personal change.

Renita received her BA in Psychology from Lehman College and her MHC from Pace University. During her time at Pace University, Renita performed extensive research into bereavement, depression, anxiety and trauma. She completed her internship at Astor Services-Prevention program for 2 years, where she worked as a counselor to parents and children. Renita was able to facilitate authentic progress with her clients through the use of consistent goal setting, teaching coping skills, and instilling resilience through strength based clinical interventions.