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Group Therapy

Providing group therapy in NYC

There are many evidence-based treatments available that are proven to be effective in treating mental health issues. Group Therapy is one that can have unique benefits for individuals facing particular life challenges or struggling with certain diagnoses.

What is group therapy?

Group therapy is an important method of psychotherapy offering some unique features. It provides an opportunity to interact with others who understand or relate to what you are experiencing. Group therapy addresses issues around interpersonal difficulties, communication, and other difficulties that consistently occur in a social context. It also helps others feel less alone with their struggles.. During group therapy, you will get support and feedback from others while learning more about yourself.

Group therapy involves the participation of one or more psychotherapists and a group of individuals facing similar issues working together towards the same goals . Processing your feelings and learning new skills in the company of others can make reaching your goals an easier and more enjoyable process. It is usually recommended that individuals participate in group therapy in addition to their individual therapy, but there are certain circumstances in which participating solely in group work is the best course of treatment.

Typically, groups are focused on a specific area of interest and are either process oriented or didactic. Process groups create space for individuals to freely explore and discuss their feelings, while didactic groups are more focused on teaching tangible skills and coping techniques. Common topics addressed in group therapy are grief, chronic pain, substance abuse, depression, anger, loneliness, relationships, low self-esteem, parenting and couples issues, and anxiety.

Group therapy can be very beneficial for patients who have the capacity for self-examination, reflection, introspection and insight about their own internal life.

What are the benefits of group therapy?

While you may question whether you want to share your problems with strangers, research shows that most often members of therapy groups find that it is a gratifying experience. Some participants even experience a breakthrough.

Key benefits of Group Therapy.

  • As part of the group, you will gain support and feedback by sharing feelings as well as information
  • Interacting with others who are coping, or recovering well, can instill hope
  • Being part of a group can help you realize you are not alone with your problems and help you gain a sense of community, belongingness and acceptance
  • You can learn from the experience of the group to gain a greater understanding of yourself
  • You can help others by sharing your experiences
  • The group can help you put your problems into perspective
  • Group therapy can give you the courage to explore new ways of being and relating to the world
  • You will be exposed to new ways of looking at your problem
  • You will discover new solutions to manage your symptoms
  • You can create a new attitude, new outlook and approach to life
  • You can improve your social skills, self-esteem and confidence

Group therapy is a safe space where you can let go of difficult feelings you have been carrying around for a long time. This will open you to new possibilities and help you take action to create a more rewarding life while moving forwards with healing processes. It will also give you helpful perspectives, in that some aspects of our human suffering are universal.

In sum, group therapy promotes wellbeing and a positive outlook. It offers unique opportunities to improve your life. The Midtown Practice invites you to contact us to discuss your specific problems and how group therapy can help.